The OC team around president Martin Berthod can rely on a bunch of experiences and count on valuable know-how to ensure the continuity of the alpine ski competitions in St. Moritz


  • Martin Berthod, President
  • Thomas Rechberger, Head of Finance


  • Olivia Stoffel, Head
  • Bettina Baumann, Accreditation
  • Heiko Altendorf, Housing


  • Tanja Pelazzi, Head

Race Organisation

  • Robin Miozzari, Head

Infrastructure & Logistics

  • Guido Mittner, Head
  • Beat Fink, Logistics and Construction
  • Kevin Rampa, Logistics and Construction
  • Werner Lippuner, Logistics and Construction
  • Philipp Da Cunha, Logistics and Construction
  • Marco Michel, Military Services

Marketing & Events

  • Daniel Schaltegger, Head
  • Sina Grass, Marketing


  • Claudia Jann, Head


  • Martin Scherer, Head

Sponsoring and Corporate Sales

  • Joris Zahn, Head

Engadin Mountains AG

  • Reto Bieri, Head
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