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Voluntari Engiadina – The Helping Hands

To honor the Volunteer Community and to express its appreciation and gratitude towards each individual volunteer, the Organizing Committee of the World Championships is presenting a series of Volunteer Portraits. This portrait series will be on display as of December 2, 2016 at the St. Moritz Design Gallery.

As before, namely in the year 2003, the many volunteers will be the “face” of these World Championships because without them it would be impossible to organize such an event. The selected 31 portraits stand for all of the 1,300 volunteers who will act as helpers at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017.  

The brain behind this project is the professional photographer Gian Giovanoli from Sils, who took the pictures of the volunteers at the World Cup Finals 2016 in St. Moritz. His portrait series shows the importance of the men and women behind this event and at the same time it expresses his loyalty to ski sport and to his native region and makes a contribution to the World Ski Championships 2017. In the St. Moritz Design Gallery at the covered parking area Serletta, the initiators of the project have found the ideal space in which to exhibit these pictures in the most elegant way and to make them as accessible as possible to the public.     

The volunteer portrait series are on display at the St. Moritz Design Gallery as of this Friday and until the opening of this Ski World Championships on February 6, 2017. Stop by and have a look!

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