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Team Event: Young and super exciting!

14 February 2017: On Tuesday the youngest discipline of the alpine skisport - the Team Event - will take place. The Austrians are the big favourites as they reached the final in all five holdings. The Swiss are in for another medal too, being super succesfull so far. It's all about team effort!

The athletes fight for a medal for their nation (Ski WM 2017)

The History: The youngest child of the competition forms in alpine racing. So far there have been five tournaments at the World Championships. This additional event means that the Programme of days of a World Championships are better used. On the other hand, the FIS wanted to put more emphasis on the team effort and team strategy.

The Mode: It has changed over the years. Beforehand, four Slalom and Super-G races took place consisting of six active members (at least two from both sexes). Since 2010 the team competition consists of a parallel-Giant Slalom. The winning team gets a point for each duel, by 2:2 the total time is counted. Whoever wins, goes through to the next round. Each team must appoint six members before the start of the competition, including at least two women or men. Before each lap, the team captain determines which racers are to be used.

The Title-Holders: Austria prevailed in Vail ahead of Canada, Switzerland was defeated in a Bronze duel by Sweden with 1:3.

The Favourites: Austria reached the finals of  five of the WSC competitions and won three times. Also, Germany won (2005) and France (2009). France and Austria (2013) could use their home snow advantage. We will have to wait and see whether or not this time the Swiss will win on home snow? Once the Swiss took the  bronze (2005) but it's been a long and meager yield.



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