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Surprise victory for Austria

07 February 2017: Nicole Schmidhofer is the first Alpine Ski World Champion of 2017. Lara Gut in third place has won the first medal for Switzerland. The 11'000 spectators in the finish area at Salastrains ensured a great mood. And they even saw the "flying lollipop". Yes that's true - laugh about other funny facts of todays race right here.

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The first title of the World Championships 2017 went to the neighbouring country of Austria - surprisingly to one who had never won a race before and ahead of huge favourite, Tina Weirather and Lara Gut. ‘‘ I just needed to sit down for a while and take a break‘‘, said the winner Nicole Schmidhofer, who was sitting on the floor of the finish area as shown in the picture of the day.

The jinx of the day: When the number eleven was given out, no-one wanted it, because it took place after a long TV break. And it definately didn’t bring Lindsey Vonn any luck. The American was out of the race. The same fate became Anna Veith who didn’t come through the finish line, but as  true sportswomen, she gave a big hug to Nicole Schmidhofer in the winner’s box. But then again, no-one said that coming back from a serious injury would be easy.

Dancing of the Day: Almost even more pleased than the winner was Ragnhild Mowinckel over her sixth place. She danced excitedly in the finish area when her result was displayed on the board.

Number of the Day: 3. There were only 0.33 seconds between the winner Nicole Schmidhofer and the second place. There was only 0,03 between silver and bronze.

Disappointments of the day: Sofia Goggia and Ilka Stuhec did start as one of the favourites. However, they ended up only tenth and eleventh. The Swiss competitors Corinne Suter and Joana Haehlen with twelfth and thirteenth place could have been happier.

Laughter of the day: ‘‘The flying lollipop‘‘ – was the comment from commentator Lukas Schweighofer about the Austrians racing suit. And the lollipops were flying well today!

Job of the day: Lara Gut’s physiotherapist. After her first run following her fall in Cortina d’Ampezzo Lara Gut could feel every knock and bone. "I haven’t needed to spend so much time with physios so far. I’ll get on with that now‘‘, said the bronze medal winner Lara Gut.

Also the unofficial prelude, the men’s Downhill training this morning-had gone very well for the hosts. The first best time was by Beat Feuz for the World Championships, who however warned of not getting too excited.

Also the president of the Austrian ski association, Prof. Dr. Peter Sckrocksnadel, had an explanation for the top-times from Feuz & Co in the first training: ‘‘ Now  you Swiss are winning, but that’s easy to do when you are always training here.‘‘
One of his athletes had (at least today) the last word - the Swiss athletes are working well on revenge...

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