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St. Moritz 2017 spots

From the railway station down in the valley all the way up to St. Moritz' home peak Piz Nair: Here is your local map with lots of important and stunning information so that you can find all the cool locations and sights of the World Championships.

Should we introduce St. Moritz as a resort, as the birthplace of winter sports, as a world-renowned holiday destination? Is it still necessary? Oh yes, because there are really some interesting and important facts that not everybody knows about and that are worth exploring. Especially during the World Championships. Let the music and the TV images get you into the mood right from the start when you arrive at the railway station.

Be guided from the valley to the top
And there is the Leaning Tower and the traditional Kulm Park, a meeting place full of emotions, the “Schellenursliweg” – the path leading up to the grandiose Finish Area Salastrains… and so much more. We provide an overview of St. Moritz as the venue of the World Ski Championships, and from animated displays you will learn much more about the individual sights and attractions.
Be guided from the valley floor to the very top and back again, find the perfect spots to cheer, to celebrate and to meet the other fans. Here you find the St. Moritz 2017 spots in the village map!

Interactive map in the app
Now you are ready for the World Ski Championships! Should you want to take another look at the local map during your stay in St. Moritz it is best to upload the St. Moritz 2017 App onto your phone. It contains more information and an interactive display – for a perfect stay. Make sure you have got your ticket and enjoy the vibes in St. Moritz, the birthplace of winter sports.

This way to the description of all the St. Moritz 2017 spots! Enjoy!

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