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"St. Moritz 2017 is for the whole region"

Sigi Asprion, Mayor of St. Moritz, is very happy that the other towns in the Engadine share his opinion.

"This event offers us the unique opportunity to put our valley in the limelight", says Asprion’s colleague from Pontresina, Martin Aebli. "From the start it was planned as a joint venture", says Christian Meuli, Mayor of Sils. Therefore, the towns in the region have become patrons, supporting the World Championships financially and in spirit. Thus, they will be given a prominent role during the race days, i.e. each competition has a town as its patron.
Sils, for instance, will be showcased at the opening of the World Championships when the men compete in the Super-G; Pontresina will be present at the Men’s Giant Slalom in the second week of the World Championships. “What are you most looking forward to, Martin Aebli?” - “To a beautiful winter day and an exciting race”, says the Pontresina mayor. Christian Meuli will present Sils at the start of the World Championships, the Men’s Super-G, and he has clearly a sporting outcome in mind: “I am looking forward to a Swiss winner”, he laughs. Asprion, who with St. Moritz holds the patronage over the Men’s Downhill, is full of expectation for the spectacular start at the Free Fall, “and then the race will continue in beautiful weather, thrilling and accident-free right up the finish”. 
And there will be another very special day for the towns of the Engadine: the Nations Team Event with 16 nations participating. The schools in each town will celebrate a special bond with an individual nation, a feeling created by students developing and presenting their imaginative, original ideas. For Pontresina it is Italy. “We have always had very a positive relationship with this country”, says Aebli. “Thanks to the geographical proximity, our cooperation has a long tradition, for instance, in the hospitality and in the building industries.” At the Sils school the affiliated country will be Canada, its colours red and white playing an important part. And St. Moritz has Austria as its partner country… Austria, of all countries, how could that happen, Sigi Asprion? “Why, but this is great, it is our most important rival on the slopes – I cannot imagine a better pairing! “

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