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Shiffrin remains the Queen

18 February 2017: Mikaela Shiffrin is and remains the undefeated Slalom Queen. With a legendary lead of 1,64 seconds she defended her WSC title winning again - after 2013 and 2015 this is her third gold medal in Slalom. 16'000 spectators egged Wendy Holdener on to win the silver.

Mikaela Shiffrin (Claudio Kernen)
Wendy Holdener, Mikaela Shiffrin, Frida Hansdotter (Claudio Kernen)
Mikaela Shiffrin (agence zoom)
Wendy Holdener (agence zoom)
Wendy Holdener (Claudio Kernen)
Wendy Holdener (Claudio Kernen)
Frida Hansdotter (agence zoom)
Frida Hansdotter (agence zoom)
Wendy Holdener, Frida Hansdotter (Claudio Kernen)
Fans (Ski WM 2017)
Moritz (Claudio Kernen)
Cooly (Claudio Kernen)
Fans (Ski WM 2017)
Fans (Ski WM 2017)
Fans (Ski WM 2017)

The top favourite Mikaela Shiffrin was in first positon after the first run, Wendy Holdener and Michelle Gisin were in second and sixth place. However, an unambiguous demonstration of power by Shiffrin meant that her rivals didn’t stand a chance. The North American came over the finish line with a lead of 1,64 seconds.

Wendy Holdener won the silver. The Swiss racer defended second place despite minor errors. It’s the first medal in the Slalom for Holdener. In fact it’s been 20 years now since a Swiss racer in the ladies’ Slalom has won a medal.

Michelle Gisin went full-on-attack but after a mistake came in 21st place. On the other hand, Denise Feierabend went up from rank 16 to 9th.

Farewell of the day: Michaela Kirchgasser, who achieved sixth place in what will be her last WSC race, will take her leave of the great stage at the medal ceremony. Our compliments to her for her always great and pleasant performances.

Fright of the day: Confident and convincing on the slopes but almost falling off the stool at the press conference. The presenter asked Shiffrin about the big advantage she held of 1,64 seconds and in response she almost fell off the stool and only just got her balance back in time. The laughs and admirers were completely on her side again.

Attack of the day: Michelle Gisin, who, after an excellent first run was in sixth position, risked everything with a full-on-attack. Unfortunately, after some errors she went down to 21st in the ranking. Her achievements at the WSC are however a promise for the future.

The lucky number of the day: Just as it was in the Alpine Combined, so it was again in the special Slalom with Wendy Holdener on her way again with the start-bib number 7. Isn’t that good fortune?

Hattrick of the day: The third time World Champion Mikaela Shiffrin (2013, 2015 and 2017) has equalled the hat trick from Christel Cranz (Germany) from 1937, 1938 and 1939 after 78 years. What a historic event.

The recipe for success of the day: As one of the main criteria for his daughter’s great success, her father, Ted Shiffrin explained, “we do not party much”.

Pressure of the day: World Champion in the Combined and now Vice World champion in Slalom. Wendy Holdener from Unteriberg kept the pressure on in the second run and defended the second place she had already occupied at half time despite some waggles sovereign.

Invitation of the day: “Hold ener no es Bier” (Grab another beer) - this was the invitation from the Raiffeisen Iglu Bar.

Recognition of the day: All the racers were warmly welcomed at the finish line. The atmosphere at Salastrains is unique and it is especially appreciated by the racers.

Cloud of the day: Non available - Martin Berthod spoke of the “blue bug” thus meaning the unique blue sky and the dreamlike, Engadine sun.

The tireless team of the day: The cheerleader team from Caffè Latte has an impressive choreography to get everybody in the mood at the finish area. They wave their gold pom poms and Swiss flags at the Swiss racers chanting – Hopp Schwiiz!

Question of the day: What are the successes from the WSC for the ski loving nation of Switzerland? Switzerland was once a ski nation – the geopolitical and social constellations have changed dramatically in the past 30 years, the old times won’t be coming back but nevertheless: The future can be rewritten.

The sum of the day: The new sum of the day is the number seven. Exactly the same as the lucky number of the day. Also the same sum of medals won by Switzerland in the previous WSC. Switzerland defends its top position and equalized with Austria numerically. Can we improve on that tomorrow by the men?

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