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Public viewing in the pedestrian zone for the award ceremonies

There are so many fans in St. Moritz today for the medal ceremonies! Therefore a public viewing in the pedestrian zone at Plazza Mauritius is organised. The ceremonies will also be broadcasted LIVE on the big TV wall in front of the town hall. Please head to the pedestrian zone to watch and experience the ceremonies - you will then also find yourselves directly immersed in the Inscunter Street Festival!

The awars ceremonies are broadcasted live on a big TV wall in the pedestrian area.
Inscunter Street Festival (Alessandro della Bella)
[Translate to English:] Inscunter Street Festival (Alessandro della Bella)
Inscunter Street Festival (Alessandro della Bella)

Watch the award ceremonies LIVE at the public viewing at Plazza Mauritius and enjoy the Inscunter Street Festival all around you! You'll find different food offers, mulled wine and free live concerts just a few meters away.

Program Inscunter Street Festival
04.00pm Alphorn Ensemble (Plazza Mauritius)
05.00pm Rebels (Plazza Mauritius)
05.30pm Walk of Fans (Hotel Hauser)
06.30pm Award Ceremony Downhill Ladies (Public Viewing Plazza Mauritius)
06.45pm Award Ceremony Downhill Men (Public Viewing Plazza Mauritius)
07.00pm Rebels (Plazza Mauritius)

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