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Place to be: Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park

The Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park is the perfect place in the village to end a perfect racing day on the mountain! Countless hours of DJ entertainment, cocktails and mulled wine are to be had both at the indoor and outdoor bars. And how about a “Free Fall Hot Dog”?

The Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park is beeing built right now.

In front of you Edy, the giant wooden sculpture of a ski racer, surrounded by the tradition and the atmosphere of the Kulm Park. Behind you a party tent brimming with happy, relaxed and partying people. How does that sound to you? The absolute “Place to be”? Right, and this is why all those seeking a perfect ending to a beautiful racing day can find the ultimate spot in the village: the Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park.

Terrace with a view
The Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park has been created for the fans of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017. From 4 to 11 p.m. DJs are mixing the sound for you to get carried along, to dance and sing with everybody else. This musical party is only interrupted by the medal award ceremonies and the drawing of the start numbers in the Kulm Park, but then everybody is outside anyway to cheer at these events. Ideally from the terrace which extends in front of the party tent. And there you have the perfect view for the live concerts as well! Or you just enjoy the vibe inside the tent, as you wish.

Free entrance to paradise
Beer, Cocktails, mulled wine are also served “on the go” in front of the tent. On the terrace there is a grill with Engadiner Cheese Sausages and Bratwurst, and inside the tent you can choose between several classic Engadine dishes like barley soup, Salsiz or cheese to satisfy your appetite. And there is some kind of secret weapon, the “Free Fall Hot Dog”. Does that sound intriguing? Let it surprise you!

The entrance to the Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park is free, the party tent open to everybody. Those who feel it gets crammed inside can enjoy the outdoor bar. And when Edy, the giant ski racer, starts talking to them, it is definitely time to go home, even at the Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park.

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