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No vision for the men

11 February 2017: The men's downhill race, set for today, had to be postponed until tomorrow because of perennial fog on the course. Especially bitter: The finish in Salastrains as well as the Bernina Range were exposed to the sun. However, the fans took it sportive and did show understanding.

Fog (Agence Zoom)
Fog (Agence Zoom)
Beat Feuz (Agence Zoom)
Patrick Küng (Agence Zoom)

This morning, experts with a knowledegable eye already predicted a weather lottery and good vision was certainly missing from the day. The race director required a continous dependable view, however the fog proved too thick, despite a panoramic view of the Bernina mountains in sunshine being visible.

The athletes had to rebuild their race focus over and over again. By the time they were at the start platform it looked like it would be down to the toss of a coin - in the end the race was postponed to Sunday.

What lightened the day was the 38,000 visitors who showed themselves to be a sporting and understanding crowd.

Word of the day: Micro-cloud
Although the start platform, fan village and finish area were mostly in sunshine, Felix Blumer’s so called micro-cloud soon developed into a maxi-fog-cloud right in the middle of the men’s downhill course. First it caused several race start delays and thereafter resulted in its postponement until Sunday, 1.15pm.

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