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Narrow results expected

10 February 2017: Tomorrow it's time for the Ladies Alpine Combined! Speedy downhill and tricky slalom - a huge challenge for the racers. The titel holder Tina Maze has resigned - but one of the favorites just showed during todays training that she is ready for the competition.

Wendy Holdener

The History. The combination has been present in principal since the beginnings of competitive skiing - back then, the times from the Special-Slalom and Special-Downhill were combined. The competition as it is today was already held by the second Alpine World Championship in 1932 in Cortina d'Ampezzo, and was won by the Swiss racer, Rösli Streiff. Meanwhile the combination remains as on of the specially contested speed contests ( in St. Moritz a downhill) and a Slalom run.

The Mode.
The starting order for the Downhill is respective of the current World-Cup  Startlist: The first 10 could be given any odd number between 1 and 19, the racers with a place between 11 and 20 will receive an even number between 2 and 20. The athletes between 21 and 30 receive a number between 21 and 30. In the Slalom, start the first 30 fastest racers from  the Downhill and in reverse order. For a World Championship , the racers who were not amongst the 30 best in the Downhill, can also compete in the Slalom.

The slopes in St. Moritz. The downhill course has a lot of bumps and mixed terrain. It’s important for the athletes that they adjust the speed and keep it till the finish. Because of the uncertain weather conditions - especially the fog - the reserve starts will be prepared. The slalom course is more aggressive, it is technically not very difficult - but still challenging and fair. The results will be very tight.

The defending titel holder. Tina Maze ( Slo) 2015 winner in front of Nicole Hosp and Michaela Kirchgasser ( both Austrian), Lara Gut (5th) was the best Swiss women's racer. Maze and Hosp have now resigned.

The favourite. The last five World Cup races  in this discipline had five different winners from four different countries: Ilka Stuhec (Slo) Wendy Holdener (Switzerland), Marie-Michele Gagnon (Canada), Lara Gut (Switzerland) and Anna Veith (Austria). The first winner, from these five races who also holds a second place, is  Wendy Holdener - we will take this as their proof of worthiness as favourites to win.

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