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More than one winner

16 February 2017: The first medal for Italy in the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St.Moritz 2017, the first ever medal for Sofia Goggia, the first medal in this discipline for Mikaela Shiffrin: The Ladies Giant Slalom produced more than just one winner. In first place Tessa Worley, who after 2013 won gold again for the second time.

Tessa Worley (agence zoom)
PC7-Team (Ski WM 2017)
Fans (Ski WM 2017)
Tessa Worley (agence zoom)
Mikaela Shiffrin, Tessa Worley, Sofia Goggia (agence zoom)
Mikaela Shiffrin (Claudio Kernen)
Tessa Worley, Mikaela Shiffrin (agence zoom)
Fans (Ski WM 2017)
Fans (Claudio Kernen)
PC7-Team (Ski WM 2017)
Sofia Goggia (agence zoom)
Tessa Worley (Claudio Kernen)
Simone Wild (Claudio Kernen)

Two outstanding and consistent runs brought Tessa Worley her second Giant Slalom gold and France their second medal of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz 2017 - surely motivation for the defending champion Anna Veith, who is fighting back after an injury – just as Worley did before – and finished the race in position 22. Germany must continue to wait for a medal as Victoria Rebensburg departed the competition in the first run.

Following the first run, Switzerland had hoped for the next medal as Simone Wild was lying sensationally in fifth place. Unfortunately, she could not repeat or better this performance and fell down to 14th place. Mélanie Meillard raced well to finish in 13th.

Suspense of the day: A momentary over-rotation by Tessa Worley at the first flag left everyone in suspense awaiting to see the next time check – nobody need have worried!

Fighting spirit of the day: Starting such a splendid run, Austria’s Bernadette Schild lost some control in the final stages, but held it together to finish in 17th.

Tallest of the day: Iceland’s Freydis-Halla Einarsdottir had the longest name as well as the longest legs. Standing head and shoulders above the rest makes it easy for her fans to spot her in a crowd!

View of the afternoon: All eyes were looking to the skies, all mobile phones and cameras were focusing upwards as the PC7 team of Swiss Air Force made its training session. It was an unmissable photo opportunity or something that would stay in your memory forever.

Celebration of the day: Sofia Goggia was ecstatic as she crossed the line knowing that she had won her first World Championship medal. Lovely jubilations were to be seen between all three medallists, such camaraderie between these girls.

Flag of the day: Green-white-red. Three Italians finished amongst the top six. There will be an Italian march at this evening’s medal ceremony in Kulm Park – come and see!

Variety of the day: There was a lot of variety in the Giant Slalom Men's Qualifying Race in Zuoz. Athletes from six different nations took the first six spots - the Netherlands, Iceland, Latvia, Spain, Andorra and Belgium - which will provide a colorful display at the medal ceremony.

Yawn of the day: Bright blue skies yet again in the Engadin. So that the weather is not too boring, there
there will be some clouds tomorrow!

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