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Maloja-Schlange at the training day

09 February 2017: The second day of training for the athletes in St.Moritz was characterised by changing weather conditions. So the ladies training had to be delayed and the men's couldn't been hold completly. Aside from the weather, the day didn't bring up other suprises.

Free Fall! (Alessandro Della Bella)
Britannia: Abfahrtsstrart der Damen
Der Nebel tauchte immer wieder auf.
Corinne Suter (Agence Zoom)
(Filip Zuan)
Lindsey Vonn
Kulm Park (Filip Zuan)
Corinne Suter und Lara Gut
Michelle Gisin (Agence Zoom)
Stuhec Ilka (Agence Zoom)
Suter Fabienne (Agence Zoom)

Today Thursday 9th Febuary, the racers have met with an Engadine phenomenon- the Maloja-Snake. It was particulary toxic before the training began and was responsible for the 30 minute delay late start. After that - at least for the women - everything went according to plan, especially for Ilke Stuhec who was the fastest in the training and thus confirmed her as the favourite for the Downhill on Sunday.

The men’s Downhill training however was at first interrupted and then, after 24 racers, it was cancelled completly. You can guess why: Fog. Then suddenly, the training was back on again, and the reason: "A dramatic change in the weather", according to FIS. Everyone back to the top of the mountain. But then there it was again, the Maloja-Snake, and so after six racers went down it was called again: training was cancelled. Pure drama.

However, there were no more surprises after the restart: the Austrian Kriechmayr came in first place in the Downhill training. Despite the Stop-and-Go-training, the men are now all fired up for Saturday and the "Free Fall". It all starts at 12 pm!

Word of the day: Maloja-Schlange
The Maloja-Schlange is generated, when the humid air rising from the mountains changes into clouds and mist in Maloja, which then creates a snake effect on top. As the temperature rises, the clouds dissolve and the Engadine’s emperial weather becomes clear again.

Frustrating-word of the day: Fog
The fog stayed constantly on Corviglia. But only philistines call the long band of this cloud actually fog. The Engadiners call it awestruckly: Maloja-Snake.

Over-Flier of the day: The Patrouille Suisse
The Patrouille Suisse pilots made their first manouveres over St. Moritz together with SWISS CSeries. Saturday will be the day of days with the Downhill race, when all the thousands of spectators will look upwards into the Engadine skiy to marvel at the manouvres of the Patrouille Suisse and SWISS CSeries.

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