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"Just get on with it!"

Construction work is in full swing! There were two days last week when Guido Mittner had an inkling of how difficult it could all become. There were six centimetres of snow in St. Moritz, covering the buildings going up for the World Championships and the access roads.

Romantic winter days are not uppermost in Mittner’s mind on such occasions, as Head of Construction of the World Ski Championships 2017 he worries more about the imminent meteorological future: "Winter should wait until the end of October." Because winter makes construction work on the mountain and in the Finish Area Salastrains considerably more difficult. Can it even stop the work from proceeding? "No", says Mittner, "somehow we have to complete the work, and to that end only one motto counts: "Just get on with it!" There is no alternative, since thousands of people will be gathering next February for the World Championships – they all need a fully-functioning infrastructure.  

For some time now there has been lots of activity around Salastrains, the buildings are growing in width and height, the World Championships are becoming increasingly visible. 160 people are busy completing the various buildings, 130 of them are doing their military service there. "We are right on schedule", says Mittner, and this is what finally counts. According to Mittner there is no list of priorities for the individual projects and buildings, everything has to take shape at the same time, also due to the tight schedule. The large grandstand, the VIP tent and the tent for the Voluntari are the most spectacular buildings. It is here that the impact of the construction activity is most obvious – and one can see clearly how far the work has already progressed.

A workforce of 160 has to be fed, of course. Again the Swiss Army is a great help to us. "The army caters for their own people", answers Mittner when asked how the catering is organised on the large building site. The remaining 30 civilian workers are no problem, and without calories nothing happens.  A lot of energy is expended at high altitudes, and this is even more true when the motto is "Just get on with it!".

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