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Good vibes despite cancelled trainings

06 February 2017: Strong Winds prevent Monday’s training: From the early hours, slip crews and army personal were in action on the mountain. Unfortunately it was no use. Despite the energetic input of the slope preparation teams both of Monday’s scheduled training sessions were cancelled. Here is today's summary and the best pics!

The problem was less due to the snowfall but rather the strong winds. Wind gusts simply made it too dangerous for the skiers. News of the cancelled training was received calmly by the athletes. Reigning men’s downhill World Champion Patrick Küng did not believe it posed a problem at all: „We already entered racemode two weeks ago, it is not so bad if there is no training today.“

The men will still be able to complete two training sessions on the downhill course, on Tuesday (9.30am) and Thursday (12.30pm) of this week, as well as an Alpine combined training on Sunday. The women will be able to train on the downhill course three times, on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Patrick Küng will make use of the free time with additional fitness training before heading to the opening ceremony this evening.

Frustrating-word of the day: Wind
Responsible for the unplanned restday. Weather forecaster Felix Blumer predicted strong wind until around 15:00 but the race organisation chose to err on the side of caution and cancel both training sessions.

Word of the day: Lumpy („knollig“)
Lichtensteiner Tina Weirather and reigning champion Patrick Küng both described the piste as being „lumpy“ following inspection. Lumpy pistes jolt and rattle the skiers. As Weirather explained: „The watered baselayer mixes with the fresh snow and this combination throws up lumps and creates a clumpy surface. Let me know if you can think of a better description!“

Winner of the day: Opening Ceremony
A rest day from training means more energy for the opening ceremony this evening! Skiers, coaches, volunteers, the event organising committee and of course ski fans will all be with Edy in Kulm Park to radiate World Championship Fever to the World.

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