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From the school bench to Super G

Nikita Shcherbakovskiy was not only the youngest participant in the today's Super G, he started also for a nation, which is not so common in the world of Alpine Skiing: Israel. He even holds another passport, the one from Russia. How he performed in the race and why he is anyway related with the Engadin is written right here!

Nikita Shcherbakovskiy

At the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz over 300 pupils crossed their fingers for number 69 in today’s Super-G. Reason being, their classmate Nikita Shcherbakoyskiy was racing! At just 17 years of age, Nikita was the youngest participant in the Super-G and the Russian-Israeli dual-citizen (representing Israel) finished the day in 51st place out of the 72 starters.

"Go Sherba"

At the finish, family, classmates and teachers cheered excitedly "Go Sherba!" whilst a visibly relieved Nikita celebrated. "I just wanted to get down, but it was not as bad as I thought!", ‘Sherba’ explained coolly.

At Home in the Engadin
Living in Zuoz, Nikita is an active member of the Alpina Ski Club in St.Moritz as well as the Alpin Oberengadin Regional Performance Centre. For years, his goal has been to participate in the Ski World Championships in the valley that is truly his home. "Skiing is my absolute passion", replied the 17 year old student on asking how somebody so young finds themselves at the World Championships. "And I am lucky enough to be able to combine school and training throughout the year."

Now Nikita has to go back to school and exchange his skis for schoolbooks as the diploma examinations begin in May. In the future he would like to study economics at the US. University of Dartmouth.

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