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Free concerts at the Kulm Park Party

The Kulm Park is the heart of the WM - especially when it comes to partying. Here, not only the medals are given out, it really gets going here, when the fans meet at Calanda Plaza@kulm Park. Come along and enjoy the unique atmosphere, surrounded by the Engadine mountains and the best sound - coming directly from Edy, the wooden skier.

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The view from the DJ's platform inside Edy
Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park
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Right there in the middle of St. Moritz: The Kulm Park is the party location of the World Ski Championships. Here, not only are the medals given out, it really gets going here when the fans in Calanda Plaza@Kulm Park meet.

Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park
The Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park is the perfect place in the village to end a perfect racing day on the mountain! Countless hours of DJ entertainment, cocktails and mulled wine are to be had both at the indoor and outdoor bars. And how about a “Free Fall Hot Dog”?

The DJ sits inside of Edy’s head
Inside the head of the gigantic sculpture of Edy the skier, the DJ provides music for the many fans here at the award ceremony and other celebrations, daily from 4 pm the party mood begins. It gets going here for sure when the ski fanatics and visitors meet in front of the stage, where bands and artists like YOKKO, Knackeboul and The Visitors die Menge perform. And all the concerts at Kulm Park are free, so it’s definately worthwhile, just take a look and party a little (or a lot...)

Guided tour into the wooden skier

If you would like to take a look at the view from the inside of Edy’s goggles, then take our free sightseeing tour! Daily at 4 pm, the meeting point is in front of the large stage at Kulm Park. No prior reservation is needed, the places will be given on the "First come, first served"-principal.

The following acts will perform for free at Kulm Park:
FROM KID (10th Febuary, 8 pm)
SWISS Pilot Combo (11th, Febuary, 8 pm)
Knackeboul & James Gruntz (14th Febuary, 8 pm)
The Visitors (16th Febuary, 8 pm)
Liricas Analas & Prefix-Rumauntsch sül Kulm (17th Febuary, 8pm)
YOKKO (18th Febuary, 8 pm)

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