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First Medal for France

14. Februar 2017: No medals for the Swiss in the Team Event - however the hosts are in good company. Marcel Hirscher messed up twice and so Austria, the top favourite, also went home empty-handed. Team World Champion was France, silver went to Slovakia and bronze to Sweden.

Team France (Agence Zoom)
(Claudio Kernen)
Alexis Pinturault (Claudio Kernen)
Camille Rast (Agence Zoom)
(Agence Zoom)
Matej Falat, Mathieu Faivre (Agence Zoom)
Matej Falat, Mathieu Faivre (Agence Zoom)
Team Switzerland (Claudio Kernen)
Charity Race
Patrick Küng am Charity Race

It was a close result! Only 0,08 seconds difference at the end between gold and silver. France and Slovakia had two runs on their side each, overall the French were eight hundredths faster. That is why the French are for the second time since 2011 the World Champion. And find themselves also admitted to the St. Moritz wall of medals fame.

The Swiss lost the bronze medal race against Sweden with 1:3 and completed the Nations Team Event in the most ungrateful of all places. In the semi-final against the Slovakians they had lost by only 0,06 seconds.

Austria also went home empty-handed. Marcel Hirscher messed up twice. Once against the Belgian Dries Van Den Broecke, which had no major impact, then against the Swede Andre Myhrer. And that was the end for the title-holders, right there in the quarter-finals. For the first time ever in six World Championships that the Team Event has been running, there was no medal awarded to Austria.

Also Felix Neureuther was beaten – and Germany was already out by the round of eight, beaten by the later to be crowned silver medal winners - Slovakia. Also, Norway, Italy and Canada did not make it to the semi-finals.

Deja-Vu of the day: Again, only fourth place for Switzerland. Again, that small final against Sweden was lost. Again 1:3. Just as it was two years ago in Vail.

Surprise of the day:
The Slovakians made it to the final! The silver medal is the first precious metal for the country. Sweden have won a total of five medals and are equal to Austria. However, Austria have three gold medals and two silver medals, Sweden has two silver and three bronze.

Word of the day: Favourites roly-poly. Marcel Hirscher had previously won all seven races at the Nations Team Event. This time he lost the first two - and then no more chances were to be seen. Felix Neureuther lost his duel against the Slovakian Matej Falat. Also, Alexis Pinturault lost his first duel – but won the others.

Nostalgia of the day: When Didier Cuche loses closely to Patrick Küng. When with Hanni Wenzel and Harti Weirather, Marco Büchel and Andi Wenzel half of Liechtenstein are in the finish area together. When the legends of the seventies, Bernhard Russi and Roland Collombin, pose together for photos. Then it is Charity race - or as its also known, the legends race. And the organization “Right to Play” is looking forward towards providing a decent financial upstart for children from all over the world actually making sure that they have the opportunity to enhance their lives through play.

Weather of the day: Simply glorious Engadine weather – uniquely blue!


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