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Emotions, Legends, Lights and Magic

The moment has arrived! With the Opening Ceremony in Kulm Park at 6pm on 6 February, a fantastic journey commences through the history of winter sports, with emotional speeches from those at the top, with skiers who have become legends and with the athletes.

Those who have ever taken part in the opening ceremony of a great sporting event know: it is an experience that will not be forgotten. The long-awaited moment has arrived, it speaks to everyone’s heart, a great idea has finally become an event, all the anticipation is finally given a stage. You notice that already now as the work at Kulm Park has been completed and Edy, the giant wooden skier and patron saint of Kulm Park, has received his final shape.

Focus on sports and culture
Many highlights await the visitors to the Opening Ceremony of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017. The show called “Magic Snow – The Birth of a Passion” created by Freddy Burger Management in Zurich, is all about snow and winter sports.
The entire show is shaped around the Upper Engadin and St. Moritz -  not only its impressive history of snow sports, its unique atmosphere and scenery, but also its people, who will always be present on the stage as extras and actors. Because even if sport is at the core of World Ski Championships, they are also a cultural event that touches the entire community, in fact, the whole of Switzerland. The visit by the President of the Confederation, Doris Leuthard, makes this very clear. She will give a speech, along with the President of the Organising Committee, Hugo Wetzel, in the centre of Kulm Park, resplendent in its fresh glory and in its own long tradition.

A get-together of the legends
Opening Ceremonies are something for the emotions, for the soul. They set the tone for the entire World Championships. TV spectators in Switzerland and Austria will be there “live” when Nicole Bernegger, the “Voice of Switzerland”, intones the Swiss Anthem in her soulful voice, when a local school choir carries the music further, and state-of-the-art 3D-mapping as well as a vertical ballet at dizzying height provide spectacle.
Ski legends such as Vreni Schneider and Marco Büchel, Hanni Wenzel and Bernhard Russi, Dominique Gisin and Nicole Hosp, Giorgio Rocca and Michael Walchhofer will reminisce about unforgettable sporting moments, when their present-day successors march in and get in the mood to do battle for the medals.
After a fabulous performance with lights and dance, music and voices, the FIS President Gian-Franco Kasper will declare the World Ski Championships 2017 open in his hometown of St. Moritz and the group 77 Bombay Street will take everybody on the wonderful journey through two unforgettable World Championships weeks with the official World Championships song “Empire”.

Be a part of this magical evening and make sure you get your Ticket!

Kulm Park Party and “Inscunter” Street Festival
Besides the opening ceremony, other highlights at Kulm Park will remain unforgettable. During two weeks, the visitors can party at the big tent “Calanda Plaza @ Kulm Park” and enjoy the many free concerts.
From 77 Bombay Street, Knackeboul & Friends to YOKKO and Liricas Analas, there is something for everyone. In addition to the party at Kulm Park, there is the “Inscunter” street festival, which takes place at the pedestrian area in St. Moritz and offers varied performances by local art and cultural workers. The entire entertainment program is always available on our website.
The top-class entertainment program, all ceremonies as well as the monumental skier at Kulm Park has been designed and planed in collaboration with Aroma, Auviso and Freddy Burger Management.

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