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Alpine Combined Men

13 February 2017: Tomorrow monday, the men's Alpine Combined takes place. Titleholder Marcel Hirscher showed on the last World Championsship a stunning performance. But who is the favorite for tomorrow's race and what is special about an Alpine Combined event at a World Championship? Read it here!

Marcel Hirscher (Agence Zoom)

The History: The Alpine Combined men's has existed in principle since the beginning of competitive skiing- back then, the times from the special Slalom and special Downhill were combined. Already by the 2nd Alpine World Championships in 1932 in Cortina d'Ampezzo the competition as it is today was held and the Swiss racer Otto Furrer won. Now,  the Combined Race remains as one of speed competition (in St. Moritz a Downhill) and a Slalom Course.

The Mode: The starting order for the Downhill is given according to the current World Cup Startlist: The first 10 will be given an uneven number between 1 and 19, the racers with a place from 11 to 20 get an even number between 2 and 20. Athletes between 21 and 30 receive a number between 21 and 30. In the Slalom, start the first 30 racers from the results board of the Downhill and in reverse order. At a World Championship race the racers who did not acheive a finish result within the first 30 racers in the Downhill, may also race in the Slalom.

The Title-Holder: Marcel Hirscher (Austria) raced with a brilliant Slalom going from 30th place to Gold. Silver was won by Kjetil Jansrud (Norway), Bronze Ted Ligety (USA), Carlo Janka (6th), was the best Swiss racer.

The Favourite: Alexis Pinturault (France) has won five of the last seven Combined in World Cup, he is definately the biggest favourite. In addition of course, Marcel Hirscher must never be underestimated as neither should Carlo Janka.

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