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A „toxic“-mix and probably the loneliest place on Earth

Have you ever heard about the “Gifthüttli” and how does it actually work with the counter slope camera? It exactly takes 172 days until the first battles for the medals at the World Championships will take place on the race slopes on Corviglia. The operations on St. Moritz’s local mountain are in full swing and the various constructions are taking shape.

The team “Operations and Infrastructure”, led by Guido Mittner, could make up the delays, which occurred in July and due to snowfalls, quickly and is back on track. The operations on the so-called „Gifthüttli“, in English “little poison house”, are running at full speed. The shell of the building is already finished and the focus now is on the interior construction and the panel. The “Gifthüttli” will be completed by the end of August and will serve as a warm-up station at the women’s downhill start as well as storage room for the “color team” during the World Championships. But how did the “Gifthüttli” actually get his name? In that little house, whose actual name is “Bergstation Skilift Munt da San Murezzan”, the color for the marking of the route was mixed and stored during the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2003. Since the mix looked like a “toxic” color broth, the “Bergstation Skilift Munt da San Murezzan” was renamed into “Gifthüttli”.

As in previous years, the counter slope camera will be built up just below the peak of the “Munt da L’Ova Cotschna” and will from there provide impressive pictures. This camera enables to show the race courses on Corviglia in the wide shot and from different perspectives. At the moment, operations on the platform, on which a container will be placed next week already, are ongoing. The container will be flown up by helicopter and so will the man who will operate the camera during the competitions. If the weather is good, the cameraman will be flown up and down every day. If not, the container is arranged for one person to stay overnight. Who wouldn’t like spending a night up there in complete solitude?

As you can see, our team is working at full speed in order to complete the operations, not only at the above mentioned locations, before the first big snow fall. We’ll keep you up to date!

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