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A School Trip to be Envied

Young fans set an energetic tone for today’s Nations Team Event as thousands of school children from throughout the Upper Engadin filed into the grandstand. Relatively new to the World Championship, this fast-paced discipline encourages team competition, strategy and spirit – a strong and meaningful message for the aspirational Swiss youngsters!

“The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St Moritz 2017 benefits with on-the-ground support as well as generous patronage from all twelve municipalities of the Upper Engadin”, explained the event’s ticketing manager, Gianluca Rossi. “In thanks, each municipality is gifted a day of competition as their patron’s day, and the Nations Team Event is all about the children of the valley.”

The sixteen competing countries were distributed amongst the municipalities as nations for them to support, in many cases forming the basis for educational project work and inspired creativity.

Colourful banners, flags, outfits and hats filled Salastrains and a party atmosphere prevailed, as the youthful audience were treated to world class sporting action. Their appreciation and excitement was clearly visible - who knows if the experience will inspire a future Swiss World Champion? There was a momentary lull as the Swiss failed to make the final, however, this didn’t last for long and after all it is also important to learn graceful defeat.

Scoula Primara da Zuoz certainly made sure they stood out from the crowd with their fluffy tricolour hats in support of their allotted country. Maybe it was their headwear that brought the French team such luck as they took the gold beating Slovakia by the finest of margins.

The sunshine stayed out and out came the lunchboxes - not a bad picnic spot and such a wonderful opportunity to unite school children from the valley to celebrate sport.

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