The home of winter

The region Engadin St. Moritz is the biggest winter sports region in Switzerland. The magic is in the landscape and the myth, in the harmonious combination of nature, tradition and lifestyle.

Located in a high-alpine mountain range yet facing the southern sun: as if sculpted by an artist’s hand, the holiday region Engadin/St. Moritz beguiles both visitors and local people. Shrouded in deep snow the alpine peaks form a guard of honour – far enough apart to bestow on us the favours of light and air. But still – towering up to 4,000 metres, high enough to form an imposing ring around this sun-drenched valley.

Rich in contrast: Engadin St. Moritz

With its four dominant peaks and 350 kilometres of ski runs, over 220 kilometres of cross-country track and 150 kilometres of winter hiking trails, Engadin St. Moritz is acknowledged as one of the winter-sports regions in Switzerland with unequalled variety. Contributing to this variety are the 13 holiday destinations, which could not be more contrasting. Whereas St. Moritz has international cachet, it is in the villages that one finds rural traditions: lovingly-restored houses, authentic village centres and cosy village inns. However, the main player in Engadin St. Moritz is and always will be Nature. It possesses all the space it needs to unfold and in turn rewards its guests with limitless opportunities for enjoyment. It is no wonder that winter tourism was invented here.

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