Glaciers, lakes, side valleys

Visitors to the Upper Engadine are struck by its stupendous, untouched alpine landscape. Here they are brought face-to-face with the beauty of nature in its primeval state. Some tips summarised for you.


The Engadine is a landscape “on the rocks”: 173 glaciers covering an area of 40 km2, meandering around the tallest peaks in the eastern Alps like the ice cubes around the lemon slice in a Martini. The uncontested number one is the Morteratsch Glacier, at about seven kilometres, the longest glacier in the Engadine. From the railway station Morteratsch/Pontresina there is a learning trail through the terrain leading to the glacier, ending directly in front of the glacial tongue. If you want to learn more than is displayed on the information plaques, you can book a tour into the interior of this eternal world, for example, at the climbing school – Mountaineering school Pontresina.

The view from Muottas Muragl over the Upper Engadine lake district is world famous.


The Upper Engadine lake landscape is a unique phenomenon. A series of lakes, a source of inspiration for poets and philosophers throughout the ages, is embedded in the broad valley floor. Where sailors, surfers and kiters get their kicks in summer, in winter the ice on the frozen lakes provides additional surfaces for walkers, cross-country skiers, snowkiters and fatbikes. Incidentally, the best view of the lake region is from Muottas Muragl. Even during the World Ski Championships it is worth taking a ride on the over-100-year-old funicular railway to 2,465 metres above sea level, where you can dine splendidly with a view of the lakes.

Side valleys

Those looking for some peace and quiet during the World Ski Championships 2017 are recommended to seek out the pictureque side valleys of the Engadin St. Moritz region. They can all be explored on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. To round off the journey a cosy restaurant always awaits you for happy moments spent in the company of friends. An overview:

Val Fex: behind the Hotel Waldhaus (Sils) walkers emerge into a mysterious landscape; as if in a forgotten world, it rests in snug winter hibernation. You wander through the Laretwald to the tobogganing run, then high up to the Fexerstrasse and finally to Güvé. There is a short uphill stretch to the viewpoint and from there a fairy tale lies at your feet: the view sweeps from Piz La Magna into the Val Fedoz and over the Lake of Sils towards Maloja. In Fex Crasta it is well worth trying the cakes fresh from the oven in the rustic Pension Crasta before returning to Sils via the path through the Platta gorge.

Val Bever: the path leads from Bever Railway Station along the Bever stream to Spinas, across snow-covered plains and through enchanted forests. The peaceful sound of one’s footsteps treading on the snow are accompanied by passing trains of the Rhaetian Railway winding unhurriedly over the Albulapass. In Spinas the mountain inn is there to welcome the walker with its local delicacies.

Val Roseg: the tour of the lovely Val Roseg begins at Pontresina Railway Station. After crossing the river over the first bridge, the path continues into the valley on the same side of the river. At the last bridge the valley opens up and the view sweeps across the Sella mountain range and the Sella and Roseg Glaciers. Be sure not to miss out on the unique dessert buffet at the Hotel Restaurant Roseggletcher.

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